Ayamas has won the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology’s prestigious Product Innovation Platinum Award for this year for its sensational new frozen Ayamas Satay with Peanut Gravy.
When it went up on supermarket and retail store shelves in the country last April, it became an instant hit with satay lovers.

“Ayamas Satay is made from pieces of premium juicy chicken meat only” said madam Foo Peng Peng, Managing Director of KFC Marketing Sdn Bhd, in Kuala Lumpur today.
“They are marinated in fresh aromatic spices, skewered, charcoal-grilled for that unique satay aroma, frozen and packed together with our delicious spicy Peanut Gravy sauce.

04NurKasih Prune Essence
NurKasih Prune Essence is based on traditional recipe and are made from prune concentrate, Iron and vitamin C.

It is free preservatives. Help to enhance inner and outer beauty.

03Bubur Lumbuk is a savoury rice porridge prepared using a unique blend of ingredients, served during the month holy of Ramadan.

Preparation of Bubur Lambuk involves the local community, fosters the concept of doing things together and helping each other in a spirit of goodwill.

Give the gift of goodwill this holy month with Chef Wan and TV9 personalities by cooking and delivering Bubur Lambuk to local communities and Jemaah terawih!

06Press Release
Kuala Lumpur, 6 April 2011 – Ayamastoday announced its entry into the personal care and health beverage industry with the launch of its first line of essences at Mihas 2011.

The Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken and NurKasih Prune Essence are based on traditional recipes which adhere to Ayamas’s top quality production standards.The Ayamas Traditional essence of Chicken is made from pure essence of chicken and caramel and a pack of six 70ml bottles retails at RM31.90.

The NurKasih Prune Essence is made from prune concentrate, iron and witamin C and is affordably priced with six 42ml bottles available at RM21.90.

05Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken is based on traditional recipe and are made from pure essence of chicken and caramel.

It is free from fat, cholesterol and preservatives.

16The minced chicken meat is Ayamas’ new delicious ready-to-cook accompaniment for your kitchen.

Use it as a flavoursome complement for your pasta dishes, as pizza topping or even as filling for local delicacies like currypuff or murtabak. 

It is now available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and minimarkets in Malaysia.

Introduced to the market in March 2009.

02Watch him demonstrate new recipes and join in our cooking contests from September 24th until December 3rd 2011.

Roadshow Peraduan memasak bersama Chef wan at selected outlet schedule as per below:-

  • 24th September : Giant Kota Damansra
  • 8th October : Tesco Ampang
  • 30th October : Giant Bayan Baru, Penang
  • 20th November : Giant Tampoi

17Ayamas presents the Combo Feast! It features three of our biggest ‘stars’ – the award winning Golden Nuggets, Breaded Chicken Meatballs and Hot & Spicy Chicken Fingers!

This triple combo extravaganza contains no Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG, make it the popular choice for your family.

Introduced to the market in June 2008.

Made from well-marinated minced chicken meat, the Chicken Meatloaf is a new tasty ready-to-eat product by Ayamas.

It square-loaf fits perfectly into square-shaped sliced bread and contains no Trans Fat or MSG; a truly convenient and wholesome meal for you and your family.

Introduced to the market in March 2009.

11Ayamas introduces the new Poppers product. Made from delicious melting cheese inside and quality potatoes on the outside with crunchy crumbs coating.

Contains No Tarns Fat, Preservatives or MSG, ideal for that great eating sensation of two ingredients in to great product for you. Introduced in May 2010.