Ayamas latest product innovation, are made from premium quality with cheddar cheese for that delicious taste of chicken and cheese in a ring-form for fun and snack time. Contains No Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG. Look out for it at your nearest hypermarket now!

08In November this year, we will introduce this tasty product.

Our tasty chicken drummets are coated with a specially-formulated ingredient that makes the eating-experience stand out from the rest!

Contains no Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG, Ayamas Premium Jumbo Drummets is a must try!

Share this great and new eating experience with your friends and loved ones….

15Ayamas introduces the new Crispy Tempura Nuggets.

Made with 100% premium chicken breast meat and coated with a golden crispy tempura coating. Containing no Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG, the Crispy Tempura Nuggets is the ideal scrumptious solution for you.

Introduced to the markets in July 2008.

12Ayamas introduces the new Poppers products. Made from delicious chicken meat outside and quality mix vegetables on the inside with crunchy crumbs coating.

Contains No Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG,  ideal for that great eating sensation of two ingredients in to great product for you. Introduced in May 2010.

09Now introducing our latest product, the aromatic Black Pepper Crispy Fried Chicken is for pepper lovers. Another choice of flavour from our current 5 flavours; Crispy Fried Chicken, Hot & Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken, Lemon Grass Crispy Fried Chicken, CurryCrunz Crispy Fried Chicken and Tom Yam Crispy Fried Chicken.

On the outside, the breading is coated with premium quality black pepper corns and premium quality chicken meat is well marinated with world famous black pepper corns from Sarawak. Contains no Preservatives, Trans Fat or MSG. it gives you an authentic peppery flavour and will spice up your palate. Introduced to all leading hypermarkets and Supermarkets in October this year, enjoy it today!

Ayamas brings you a national heritage, an authentic barbeque dish called Chicken Satay. What makes Ayamas Chicken Satay so delicious? Made using fresh ingredienst and unique spices that are well-marinated on fresh chicken meat.

Carefully charcoal-grilled to deliver a fully-cooked flavourful and aromatic eating experience. Comes in a convenient frozen pack of 10 sticks with a delicious peanut gravy to meet all your meal solution. An instant dish, simply heat up!

Try it and you’ll be hooked. Available at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide beginning from December 2010 onwards……

13Press Release (Kuala Lumpur, 27th April 2010)
The scenic vista of the Italian landscape provides the backdrop for the seventh season of Mmm… Sedapnya Bersama Ayamas TV cook show series.

Hosted by celebrity Chef Wan, the show premiered on air on Monday, 26th April at 5.30pm and will be aired weekly until 19th July over TV3; with reruns at 8.30pm, Saturdays from 24th July to 16th October. All 13 episodes of the half-hour weekly series were shot entirely on locations in Italy during spring and filmed in different scenic locations.